About Marek's JavaScript Compendium

Welcome to my JavaScript Compendium.

I'm putting together a collection of articles on the most important concepts in the JavaScript language.

I'm sharing this resources for free.

What's special about the compendium?

  • It focuses on the fundamental JavaScript concepts that you need to know.
  • It serves as a reference that you can come back to.
  • You can read it in any order that you want.
  • Related concepts are linked to each other, so you can read it like a wiki.

Start reading reading from the index page.

What's a compendium?

A compendium is a collection of knowledge that covers a whole topic.

My JavaScript compendium covers the most important concepts that you need to know in the language.

My goal is to create a comprehensive reference that you can come back to again and again, while you're on your journey to master JavaScript.

Who is the author?

My name is Marek and I teach JavaScript. I've been writing JavaScript code professionally for over 8 years.

Is it complete?

The compendium is a work in progress and I'm updating it all the time.

You can subscribe to my mailing list to get notified about updates.

Let me know for what topics you'd like to see included in the future. You'll get access to my email address when you subscribe to the mailing list.

Where do I begin?

Go to the compendium index and start reading.