Here's a JavaScript question. Is this a valid expression in JavaScript?


I call this the Eyeglasses Expression because it looks like a pair of eyeglasses. It's an interesting piece of code because it looks strange, but it's actually a valid JavaScript expression.

Not only is it a valid piece of JavaScript code, but it produces a valid JavaScript value as its result.

So what is the result of this expression? You could run the code to get the answer, but before you do that, I suggest that you try to figure it out by thinking about it.

Let's try to answer these questions about the Eyeglasses Expression:

  • What's the structure of this expression? (what's the syntax tree?)
  • What is the result of this expression when it gets evaluated?

Analyzing the left side

The left half of the eyeglasses is a value in square brackets:


When you encounter an expression that starts with a square bracket, with nothing before it, you can assume that it's an Array Expression.

In this case, it's an array with a single item which is the number 0.

Syntax tree

The right half of the expression

On the right, we have the same thing repeated again. So is it another array?

We have a square bracket, which is how you write an array, but we're no longer looking at the beginning of an expression. We're now looking at a square bracket in the middle of an expression. This changes everything.

When we see a square bracket in the middle of an expression, we're looking at a member expression. That means we're accessing a member (or a property) of something.

Consider if we changed the example and replaced the left side with the variable left. It would look like this:


Syntax tree

Here, the square brackets indicate that we're accessing a property (the index 0) of the value left.

That's the same thing that we're seeing in our eyeglasses expression. But instead of a varible named left, the left side of the expression is the array [0].

Syntax tree of member and array

What's the result value?

So, what's the result of this expression? Let's walk through what's happening.

  • First, we create a new array with the expression [0]. Our array has a single item, the number 0.
  • Then, we follow that with a property access. We're accessing index 0, which means we're accessing the first element of the array.
  • Because the array's first element is 0, that's what we get as the result. We get the number 0.

What we learned

I like the Eyeglasses Expression as an educational example because it tells us a few things about how JavaSript syntax works.

First of all, we learned that the square brackets can mean different things: they mean "array" when they're at the start of an expression, and they mean "access a property" when they're in the middle of an expression.

Second, we learned how this kind of expression gets parsed into a syntax tree.

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