Become a confident web developer by mastering the fundamentals of JavaScript.

The JS Fundamental Concept Map

How do you approach the task of learning all of the most important fundamental concepts that matter in JavaScript?

I've created the JS Concept Map to help you.

  1. Syntax: How to read and write JS code
    1. How to read expressions
    2. Statements vs expressions
    3. Function call sites
    4. Leaf and node expressions
  2. Execution: How the computer runs JS code
    1. How JS code runs
    2. How functions work
    3. How to understand what "asynchronous" means
  3. Memory: How JS sees your data
    1. Values in JavaScript
    2. Assigning values
    3. Reference values and primitive values
    4. How to use data objects
    5. Combining arrays and objects to make any data structure

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